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NPR Gone Dogs Podcast

As we head to the finish line publishing our book, we find ourselves with an exciting opportunity to create a podcast featuring the stories from the book, as well as new ones. The podcast will be sponsored by NPR and WFAE. PLEASE VOTE EVERY DAY through February, 17. So if you can, please take a […]

Just a Side Project

Here we are, nearly five years after having the idea for the book Gone Dogs, in our 11th hour. Actually, it’s more like 11:59.  So I should be elated, right? To finally see all the hard work come to an end. Come to fruition.  Well, in one sense, I am. But in another, I’m frustrated.  […]

One Step Closer

After six weeks and five judges reading nearly 100 entries submitted for our maiden volume of Gone Dogs, we’ve selected 50 stories to be part of our book. And boy, what stories.  I can now say that what started out as a dream in 2014 is about to become a reality later this year and […]

You Never Know

The following is a submission by Pamela Desloges, from North Carolina. Throughout the year we’ll feature different stories that have been selected to be part of our book. This is Josie’s story, You Never Know. Sometimes you never get to see the far-reaching impact of your deeds. But then again, sometimes you do.  When Josie and […]

Submission Deadline Extended

New Submission Date April 22, 2018 When you start a crowd-sourced project, you never know what you’ll get. Since launching our website last spring, we’ve received overwhelming support from friends and family who share our enthusiasm for a book of short stories about dogs. And we are absolutely thrilled with the submissions we’ve received so […]


The following is a submission by Callum Saunders, from Glossop, England. Throughout the year we’ll feature different stories that have been selected to be part of our book. This is Ruby. There are many stories I could tell you about Ruby. And many different ways in which I could tell you those stories. But after several […]

Living for the Moment

My dog is a teacher. Every day he shows me that all we have is this moment. And for one moment last October, I thought I lost him. We had just arrived at the park—his happy place. He circled me a couple of times enticing me to throw the ball, and when I did, he […]

Moxie Day

We are excited to announce a partnership with Moxie Mercantile for the upcoming Midwood Market event on Sunday, September 17. During the event, Moxie and other retailers will donate a percentage of their day’s sales to our project.

Three Steps to Writing a Story

I’ve had at least a dozen people tell me they’re going to submit a story, but so far none have. In fact half of these folks have contacted me to say, “I’m not a writer. It’s not very good.” I get that. Very few people are employed as writers. But I’m here to tell you that if you intend to submit a story, don’t wait. Just write. Here are some tips for getting started.

Just a Dog

When I rolled out of bed Tuesday morning, my wife Tina called me into the hallway where she was kneeling down next to our thirteen-year-old Australian Shepherd, Tucker. “It’s time,” she said.