What They’re Saying

These are some of the reviews for Gone Dogs as they appear on Amazon. And check out more here.

Gone Dogs has a 5-Star Rating on Amazon!

“Captures the essence of loving a dog.”

“A must-read for anyone who has ever loved a dog.”

“Stirs emotions and warms the soul.”

“A treasure for anyone who has ever loved a dog.”

“One of the most heartfelt books I have ever read.”


“You will become spellbound by hope.”

“This is a beautiful book. I was blown away.”

“Required reading for dog-lovers.”


“I will cherish this book forever.”

“An absolutely beautiful and emotional ride.”

“If you’ve ever loved and lost a dog, this book will bring back every good memory you had when they were around.”

“This book is simply beautiful.”

“You will adore everything about this book.” 

“Good for the soul.” 

“If you love dogs, buy this book.” 

“A unique and beautiful concept.” 

“A dog lover’s bible.”