Frequently Asked Questions

No! We all experience the loss of a dog and interpret these feelings differently. We are looking for a range of stories from all walks of life. Plus, if your story is selected, it will be professionally edited so there’s no need to worry about being perfect when you submit. We just hope you do.

The book will soon be available on Amazon. Meanwhile, you can also order a signed book (by Jim and Laurie) by clicking here.

Yes. The very essence of our book is to create a collection of stories celebrating the lives of dogs that we’ve lost. Submit your dog’s story now.

Yes. While Gone Dogs is definitely a book of stories, those stories might be photo essays. If your photos are selected, we’ll work with you glean enough information for us to tell your photo story. Note-when you submit your entry, you must include a document explaining that you’re submitting a photo essay.

If you previously published your story on your own blog or website, or in a book you own, you may submit it to us. However if your story was part of another publication, then we can’t take it. Likewise, if you published your story on a website you do not own, and that website has exclusivity to the content, then we can’t take it. See our full IPAA here.


Yes. The size of the book is 8.5 x 8.5 inches, is hardback, and will be filled with beautiful imagery and amazing stories. Definitely something you’ll want to leave out when company comes over. Order now. 

Heck no. In fact, we’re looking for just the opposite. We understand that dog ownership is as different as dogs themselves and that no two scenarios, or dogs, are alike. Gone Dogs will contain a range of stories that are funny, moving, and happy. After all, this book is a tribute, not a catalog of sadness. The relationships we have with our dogs is a reason to celebrate, and that’s just what we hope to do with this book.

Yes, but we will only publish one story per author. So if you’re torn between two different stories, feel free to submit both.

Yes. If your story is selected for inclusion, it will be edited by a professional copy editor and proofreader. We will never alter the story itself, but every story will be edited for consistency and grammar. This is why we have an entry fee for submissions. 

Yes! We need to spread the word about the book beyond what we can do via word-of-mouth. The more people we can reach, the more stories we will have. Click here to donate to our campaign. Thank you!

If your story is selected for inclusion in Gone Dogs, you’ll be contacted via email. You will receive two (2) copies of the book as payment, and will be cited in the table of contents as an author. We will also feature you here on our site, with links back to whatever channels you like. But first you have to commit to submit! 

No. We can only take digital submissions and payment at this time.

We estimate between 40-50 stories. Submit yours today.

We are looking for stories ranging from 500-2500 words. Obviously, poems do not fall into this range. If your story contains fewer words or is a little longer, we can probably make an exception once it’s selected for inclusion. Submit your story today.

The deadline for submissions to be included in Volume One was April 22, 2018. But don’t worry, we will have future Volumes of Gone Dogs. Click here to sign up for notifications.

The dog days of summer, 2019. Order your copy today. 

Are you kidding me? Yes! In fact, with a minimal marketing budget, we’re hoping that everyone who knows about Gone Dogs will share it in their social media streams. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Please share!

The fee for entries is to cover the cost of vetting entries and editing stories selected for inclusion in the book.

Yes. We ask that you include a photograph even if you don’t think it’s very good. Seeing a photo of your dog helps us interpret your story in a personal way. Should your story be selected for inclusion, we will work with you to get the best imagery possible. In the event you simply do not have an image, we’ll work something else out. The main thing is that you submit your story.