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Once in a Lifetime

I’ve always been told that a dog comes into your life for a reason, and that was so true of my JJ.

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For the Love of a Wigglebutt

Maggie Tinkham, aka Mags the Wiggle butt, of Abilene, TX., peacefully crossed the Rainbow Bridge on June 14, 2019 with her grandmother by her side.


"Others may make the same claim, but you ARE the best dog in the world" A beautiful tribute to Jake. #GoneDogs

The Beauty of an Aging Pack

I've been around dogs my whole life, but these last 10 years I've been with just three. And we're getting old together.

The Reason I Love Dogs

Everyone who knows me knows I love dogs.  But why?  A friend recently asked me this question and I had to really think about it. I mean, sure, dogs are fun, and awesome, and cute, and they provide unconditional love. They’re great listeners,…
gone dogs scooter

Scooter, My sunshine

I looked into her eyes and asked her “is it time?” Her eyes met mine. I knew. Her eyes spoke with no words.
Gone Dogs

Today Is Beautiful

The late March sunshine warms my face as I cross the parking lot. The sky is a dazzling shade of Carolina blue, and I notice the apricot trees are beginning to blossom.
Gone Dogs

What Happens When Your Dog Dies

At some point every person who loves a dog will have to say goodbye to it. Here's what to expect.

Losing Pepper

Losing a beloved pet. The idea has always felt so far away to me — until one week ago when I lost my beloved dog Pepper.
Gone Dogs - Tales of Dogs We've Loved

World Book Day Giveaway

In recognition of World Book Day on April 23, we are giving away a custom illustrated portrait of your dog to two lucky winners.

Dakota Bear

Dakota Blount, aka Bear, peacefully crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Wednesday, March 10, 2021, in the arms of her Mom. 

A Memory That Lasts Forever

The memory of your dog can last forever with a custom, hand-drawn illustration by Sheri Mayrberger.


Simple words are so inadequate to express how much we loved our girl, Khaleesi. From the moment we laid eyes on her we knew she was special.

Is It Sad?

We understand why people wonder whether Gone Dogs is sad. But it' not. It's beautiful. And if you love dogs, you will feel every emotion you've been gifted as a human being when you read it.