This is Julio. We adopted him 2 years ago at age 10 and he was so abused. No teeth, had no hair and weighed 4lbs. We loved him so much. He passed 02/17/24. I will never heal from this.


Her name was Spooner. A white mixed breed beauty with a purple tongue and black sparkling eyes. She was a shelter dog given up because the kids didn’t want her. That I will never understand, but I was so thankful. She was my first dog at…

Mexican Stray

I found Mercedes in the hills of Baja Mexico, lying on deaths doorstep; among her deceased siblings. The only surviving puppy of the litter, only 6 weeks old. Finding her changed the entire trajectory of my life because at that instant, I…
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An Important Anniversary

A big update on holiday orders, future volumes, and the main reason the book exists at all.


I wanted to share that my girl Tilly left us for the rainbow bridge this morning. An alpha warrior princess, she was abandoned by her previous owners and survived homeless in the woods for over two years. She adopted us when I bought the house…

Calvin’s Corner

Calvin’s Corner | Written by his Owner, E. A. Acosta I still remember that morning when I was with you on our kitchen floor All week, you hung around in that corner I have never been hit this hard in the heart before and the days that followed…

My Girl

Found her as a pup dumped off a busy country road. Named her Flax. A Border Aussie girl who spent 17 years “by me”. Miss her always!

Goodbye, Good Girl

Life presents us with opportunities that we often don't recognize as blessings. But sometimes we do.

Zoro – My Little Baby

My Dear Zoro, I always wanted to have a dog, but Muma and Papa did not allow me to have one until 5th standard, so you were born exactly at the right time! We got you home when you were just a week old. Papa was initially a bit reluctant to…

The Life of Riley

Riley was a rescue I adopted in 2005. He was a Corgi/MinPin mix and had ears the size of radar dishes! Riley enjoyed coming to work with me, and some other great doggos in our visiting group, to visit the Veterans who were patients on my Behavioral…

My little shadow.

After losing Lulu and then Frankie Boy Sammy was our last of the 3 Musketeers. He was Frankie's pal. He was lost without him. We became very bonded in our sadness. He truly was my shadow. We lost him at 13 from diabetes. I miss him with me every…

Hope Whispers

The day I saw Hope was the start of a beautiful love story full of adventure and healing. She fit in the palm of my hand. She was so fluffy I could hardly tell where her legs and eyes were. I was not in a good place in my life and was struggling…

My Soft Girl

The world's Miss Lulu. Everyone one loved my Lulu Girl. I call her my soft dog because she was the most gentle girl ever. My Grandson adored her. She was so good with him from the time he was born until we unexpectedly lost her to Congestive…

My Frankie Boy

My soul mate, the love of my life. Frankie Boy got me through some of the hardest times of my life. I lost h toa rare Cancer in 2015. I will never be the same person. I miss him every single day. My Frank.

Free Shipping is Back for the Holidays

At long last the third printing of our book has arrived and we can now begin offering FREE SHIPPING of our beautiful hardcover books. Just in time for the holidays.