Calvin’s Corner

by Errol Ian Ave Acosta

Calvin’s Corner | Written by his Owner, E. A. Acosta

I still remember that morning when I was with you on our kitchen floor
All week, you hung around in that corner
I have never been hit this hard in the heart before
and the days that followed since your last breath
I missed you more and more

I miss you when you were a Pup
I miss you waking me up.
I wish my heartache would Stop

I still can’t forget the sound of your last howl
while I was hugging you in my arms during your final moments
Only seconds before your heart stopped

I miss you every minute since I heard your last breath
I had you near my chest
sniffed the fur on your neck
on the day you left
You were always so healthy & happy
We never thought you would ever get this sick

I will never stop loving you… Mommy too
Calvin passed away in my arms on our kitchen floor at 1:43 AM on Saturday, October 14, 2023

He was 62.4 pounds and approximately 65 years old in Human Years (11 years). You’ll always be our Puppy, You’ll always be our Baby.


July 29, 2012 | Okinawa, Japan
October 14, 2023 @ 1:43 am | Jacksonville, North Carolina

You were rescued from Typhoon Bolaven in Okuma in Okinawa, Japan, and traveled to many places stateside. You loved everyone, and everyone loved you. You always had puppy eyes.

“You were our favorite hello and our hardest goodbye.”

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  1. Ruperlisa Acosta
    Ruperlisa Acosta says:

    So sad to hear of Calvin passing away. We will not forget him, we have many memories of him too. He’s such a good dog, smart and talented. He’s no longer suffering and no more pain. Rest in Paradise Calvin.
    Take care Cherrol, Ethan, Cody.
    We miss and love you all ❤️
    Mom and Dad


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