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Today Is Beautiful

The late March sunshine warms my face as I cross the parking lot. The sky is a dazzling shade of Carolina blue, and I notice the apricot trees are beginning to blossom.


Simple words are so inadequate to express how much we loved our girl, Khaleesi. From the moment we laid eyes on her we knew she was special.


I adopted Georgie when she was 3 years old from a pug rescue organization. I quickly realized she had a gift of lighting up people and she especially loved kids.


You Never Know

The following is a submission by Pamela Desloges, from North Carolina. Throughout the year we’ll feature different stories that have been selected to be part of our book. This is Josie’s story, You Never Know. Sometimes you never get to see the far-reaching impact of your deeds. But then again, sometimes you do.  When Josie and […]