The Life of Riley

Riley was a rescue I adopted in 2005. He was a Corgi/MinPin mix and had ears the size of radar dishes! Riley enjoyed coming to work with me, and some other great doggos in our visiting group, to visit the Veterans who were patients on my Behavioral Health ward. Riley eventually became my PTSD Service Dog and I considered him an ambassador for service dogs not having to be large and dark. Our group had Dachshunds, Poodles, Great Pyrenees- I think you get the idea. It was not necessarily the size of the dog that qualified it for service training, but the temperament.

One of Riley’s favorite ways to relax was laying in the sun coming through our window. I would turn to look at him and would notice he was not where he started?? He would literally move with the sun and eventually end up by the wall with nowhere else to move! He truly was living the Life of Riley! And I feel so fortunate to have been a part of that life.
We lost him suddenly in 2014, but I continue to keep his memory active when I tell people who have just lost one of their fur-babies that “he sent me a message to let you know ____ got over the Bridge okay and is making new friends”. It always brings a smile on.

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