Free Shipping is Back for the Holidays

We are happy to report that we recently received the THIRD PRINTING of our beautiful book. This means a couple of things. First, it means we have a very good book on our hands. And, based on feedback we’ve received since launching in 2019, the stories in the book are helping people cope with their own grief by sharing the love that other people have for their dogs. You have no idea how happy this makes us. Our intention was to create a book of love stories about dogs. We didn’t anticipate that it would have this kind of positive effect on people. We are so grateful.

The second thing that receiving our latest shipment of 1,000 copies means is that we can once again offer FREE SHIPPING on our beautiful hardcover book through the holidays. If you love dogs or you’re looking for a gift for someone who does, our book is something they’ll cherish. Order here.

We have also moved our on-demand printing and fulfillment service for softcover books to Amazon KDP. We expect KDP to ship way faster than our previous printer (a few days v. a few weeks) and the quality is top notch. Get your softcover books here.

Gone Dogs Volume 2 (and 3!

We are excited to announce that due to demand, in 2023 we are planning to build and publish TWO new volumes of our book. We’ll send out another email in early 2023 about this, but if you planned on submitting your dog’s story for our next volumes, you might want to get started on writing it. Follow us on Facebook for the latest on this news … and get those pencils sharpened.

Helping People Heal

Since launching in 2019, we’ve heard from so many of you about how reading Gone Dogs has helped you grieve the loss of your best friends. What a remarkable thing to know something you created has helped people in this way. But even more importantly, earlier this year we created a private Facebook group for bereaved dog parents to share and help others. It’s amazing to us how this community has come together to support each other through a difficult time in life. And we are happy to report that the Gone Dogs Facebook Group has more than 2000 members and is filled with light and love. Visit the Gone Dogs Facebook group to join, share, and maybe help someone who needs it.

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