What Happens When Your Dog Dies

Gone Dogs

At some point, every person who loves a dog will have to say goodbye to it.

It’s a tough go. Don’t let anyone tell you that it’s not. As someone who’s said goodbye to a few dogs, and after years of putting Gone Dogs together, here’s what I know happens when your dog dies:

You will hurt. Bad.

You will cry. Especially the day it happens, but also for days afterward.

You will grieve. It’s ok. These creatures are family. It’s perfectly fine to grieve in whichever way helps you accept things. 

You will see them in places you used to see them in your house and around your yard. When you do, an anvil will drop on your heart. 

You will begin to move on, but will keep reminders so that you never forget them. Sometimes these reminders make you cry. But over time, they bring smiles. 

You will long for another loyal companion. A dog who will NOT replace your old friend. And won’t. Ever. 

You will tell stories about them. Funny stories. Beautiful stories. Crazy dog stories. These stories keep our old friends alive in our hearts. 

You will begin to only remember the relationship with your friend as beautiful. And those sorrowful final moments will fade away–leaving light and love to guide you for the rest of your life.

Gone Dogs