Shotgun – My Best Boy

I still can’t believe my boy is gone.  He has touched every part of our lives.
He was adopted 10/2011.  He was rescued from a horrible situation.  He was starved and covered in bite marks at probably 8 weeks old.
So..he goes to an adoption event. He is the only calm puppy/dog sitting in a crate. Our eyes met and well…I fell in love.  I asked to see him. He melted into me as I held him. I promised him a forever home.
We drive him home and he is so still and calm.  I am amazed.
 Once home a couple hours, he is deathly ill. He is vomiting everywhere. I race him to the emergency vet hospital.  They tell me he has Parvo, I need to euthanize him.  I can’t. They tell me they can only keep over night, he must be picked up in morning.  I ask for recommendations for vets.
I start calling vets everywhere. None want a Parvo case.  I finally found one that will help. They will only do out patient.  We try it, doesn’t work..back to Emergency Vet for the night.
Luckily I called the rescue. They recommend a vet. That vet saved my boy’s life. He was there 17 days in isolation. We visited every day. Finally we get a call he has made the turn for recovery.. he is ravishingly his food.
He was like a whirlwind with his zest for life. He loved everyone and everything.  He was always happy and wagging his tail. He wanted to be next to you and always touching.
My son’s dog Mia took over the job as mother. Shotgun followed her around like her shadow.  She corrected him like he was her pup. They had a bond for life.
He had a rough time 5 surgeries in two years and immunity issues. Nothing got him down he loved the vets, he actually acted like he knew they were helping him.  Our main vet said he need to be a “Breed Ambassador “ he was such a good boy.
He was always happy. Always wagging his tail. He did zoomies – which Mia did not like! He played, and loved everyone. He loved to eat!
He loved his comfort. He wanted pillows, soft comforters, chairs and sofas to lay on. He would jump on the bed and slowly work his way up to head on pillow and body under covers.
Shotgun loved Christmas. He wore all his little outfits like a fashion model. One Christmas I got Shotgun and Mia beautiful red and white velvet scrunchy collars.  Mia chewed hers off, and proceeded to chew Shotgun’s off. He just stood there and let her!
We had probably 6 healthy non medical emergency years with Shotgun.
We decided to sell our house and move cross country. What an adventure. We rented a Motorhome and travels with two dogs – Shotgun and Mia. They got to stay at Marriotts and were perfectly behaved.
Once we got to her new temporary home,  his medical issues with his leg started up.  We brought him to the University hospital for surgery. He had therapy every week.
There was only one time he didn’t want to go to the hospital. The day he was getting another ultra sound. I didn’t think he was healing right, something was wrong. He just didn’t want to go that day.  The first time in his 10 years he had to be convinced to go to vet.
I got the heart wrenching news he had horrible aggressive cancer.  I did everything possible to ease his pain and slow down the progression.
I gave him one more Christmas.  Shotgun loved Christmas and getting presents.  So Halloween night I decorated for Christmas.
He loved car rides.  We gave him multiple rides with the roof down, sun  shining and breeze blowing through his fur.
He laid  out in the sun, on his dog bed.  He went for walks.
I want you to know I loved him with my whole heart.  He gave me so much joy, laughter and love in the 10 years were were together.  He was the center of our home, and was loved from the tip of his tail to the top of his sweet head.  I will forever be grateful to the rescue  for saving him.
In saving him, they helped save many other dogs.  Because of Shotgun I got into rescue.  I helped raise funds, pay medical bills, find adopters, and fosters for rescues. I was involved for 10 years.
On 11/11/3021 with a shattered heart I had to let my perfect boy go.  He crossed the Rainbow Bridge in our arms.
He will hold a huge spot in my heart forever.  He was my boy. Love you sweet boy, fly with Angels.

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