Jazzmine: An angel in disguise

In September of 2010 I had just graduated college with my degree in veterinay technology and I was in the process of taking all my exams to get licensed. At the time I was also working at the emergency vet clinic. This sweet beautiful 8 month old Australian shepherd was already there in a cage when I arrived for my shift. I feel instantly in love her. She was brought in because she had been hit by a car and had a broken femur on her back left leg. Her owners at the time couldn’t pay to fix her or amputate and were going to put her down. I didn’t even hesitate to see if they would sign her over to me. They agreed and that night we amputated her leg. She stayed at the clinic for a day or so and then came home to my apartment. I was only 21.


My oldest niece was born that October and when my sister in law when back to work I watched her during the day. Jazzmine and my niece were the perfect duo. Jazz let her as she grew too pull on her, sit on her back like a horse (until she was too big lol), and they would wrestle over Jazzmine’s toys.


I was fortunate that my grandpa would watch her while I worked over the next 12 years. She had many adventures. Two to three walks a day. Played with the neighborhood kids. Had a set weekly visit to a couple that my grandpa knew. And sometimes, once in a blue moon, he’d take her to a church picnic.


We had our adventures on the weekends every once in awhile too. Petsmart, street fairs, lots of car rides. She was my constant companion.


In August of 2021 I got engaged and being a little older we both decided that we weren’t going to have a wedding party. However, Jazzmine would be my dog (maid) of honor. It was perfect. We had some engagement pictures taken with her. And set a wedding date for March 13, 2022.


A week before the wedding we had noticed Jazz was acting off. Having trouble pooping. Not wanting to eat. Would only eat if you took her food to her but she still acted as happy as ever in the mornings. On Saturday March 5, 2022 i woke up and Jazz was not feeling good at all. She went outside and just strained to poop but couldn’t. Came back in the house and vomited. Didn’t want any food. And a couple hours later started panting. She then stopped walking. And if touched wrong when picked up would yelp. We decided we needed to take her to the emergency clinic.


When we got there the vet I used to work with (nearly 10 years ago now) was working and saw us. By this point Jazz was grunting in pain and constant panting. We did an xray and found a huge tumor above her colon pinching it to where she couldn’t poop. With the advice of the doctor and how fast her symptoms progressed that day I made the hardest decision ever and let her go.


People when they hear Jazzmine’s story of how I got her always say I saved her but in reality she saved me countless times. She was my angel in disguise.


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