Is It Sad?

The top question we get around here is, “Is the book sad?”

It’s a fair question. After all, the title “Gone Dogs” implies that the dogs are no longer living. Which is true. Our idea was to make a book of tributes to our best friends. Tributes being past tense. 

So yes, if the idea that dogs die makes you sad—then it’s a sad book. But dogs do die. Too soon. And that’s a sad thing that all dog lovers take into account when we share life with them.

But if we all focused on the sadness of a dog’s death, none of us would choose to have dogs in the first place. That’s because the sad part is just a tiny little part. Sure, it hurts. But it hurts because during their lives it was pure happiness. After they die, their stories linger with us for the rest of our lives. And these stories are always happy. Nobody encapsulates the brilliance of a dog’s life by the moment they die. That would be awful and no one would have dogs. 

That’s why Gone Dogs is not a sad book. Who would want to read a book filled with sad stories? Not us. 

We created Gone Dogs as a celebration of dogs we’ve loved. A book honoring these amazing friends—these remarkable lives. 

The book is 52 stories and poems from people around the world sharing the dogs of their lifetimes. No two are the same. Some of the stories will make you laugh out loud. Some will make you cry. But all of them will make you feel. You can count on that. That’s because all of the stories are sweet and lovely, and they all illustrate the remarkable bond we have with these crazy animals. 

Gone Dogs isn’t sad. Gone Dogs is beautiful. And in this beauty, you will feel every emotion that you’ve been gifted as a human being. 

One of our readers said this: “This book will heal your soul.” We feel that this one line perfectly captures the essence of Gone Dogs. Because dogs do heal our souls.

Yes, you will feel. A lot. Because when you love a dog, that’s real love. And it’s a love that continues long after a dog is gone—through stories we tell about them.  

This is a book of those stories. 

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