A Memory That Lasts Forever

A friend recently shared a portrait of his dog Cash that I was so impressed with, I wanted to share it with dog lovers everywhere.

The artist’s name is Sheri Mayrberger, and she creates custom, hand-drawn color pet portraits from photographs. I emailed Sheri to make sure it was ok that I shared her work here, and she agreed. She doesn’t have a website or Instagram, but gets her work via word-of-mouth.

So here’s a sample of Sheri’s work:

Isn’t it terrific? If you’re interested in getting a hand-drawn portrait of your dog (or pet), she offers a range or options:

5x 7 in a finished 8x 10 mat – $40

8×10 in a finished 11 x 14 mat – $85 for a single pet $85, $90 for two views of same pet $90, and $95 for two pets in same portrait
$10 postage per portrait

You can reach her at slmayrberg@yahoo.com or 231-881-5994. She said that you can call, text, or email her to get started.

– Jim

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