I wrote this as a Facebook post the day my Pug passed away September 30, 2018. I adopted Georgie when she was 3 years old from a pug rescue organization. I quickly realized she had a gift of lighting up people and she especially loved kids. I registered her as a Therapy Dog and volunteered with her for the next 5 years. Georgie passed away just shy of 8 years due to complications from seizures.

“Attached below with Georgie’s photo is a Poem I wrote late one night earlier this month when I was up sitting thru one of Georgie’s seizures. The loss of Jackson (my other dog that passed away 3 months earlier) still so fresh in our minds. Then to struggle with Georgie’s sudden illness has just torn me apart.

I reflect on all the stories people have told me, have told Georgie, as we visited people at hospitals, parks, just walking in public & being stopped to kiss her on the head just because she was a Pug and she was Georgie. Just yesterday I was out with her and a “gentle giant” a older man 7 feet tall, with a walking stick to his shoulder. He stopped to visit with Georgie and spent a good 10 minutes telling us about the Pug he had for 14 years. Georgie never shied or seemed alarmed at the very tall man or his walking stick. She just listened and made him smile. All the children, hundreds, that she brought a brief moment of peace to in their troubled lives, the joy of weekly visits with Georgie for them.

I am so grateful for my Veterinarian who cried on the phone with me today, she was out of state but was still here for us. She said “It’s just shitty”. And she said “I know how much you loved Georgie and I think I loved her just as much”. All the people at the ER who held her through all of the treatments trying to find an answer. Georgie, we were there for you today as you have been for all of us.



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