Dogs: Our Guardian Angels in 2020

People and dogs have gotten a lot closer in 2020. And we’re all pretty happy about it.

With the onset of COVID-19, people around the world hunkered down and sheltered in place. Because we’ve learned that isolation is the only sure way to defeat the spread of the virus.

But people are social animals. Isolation is hard for us. And so in a year when we all desperately missed routine socialization and companionship, our dogs provided it. In buckets.

Our dogs have given us solace, hope, and a warm body to lean on when the days felt heaviest.

A recent study by Washington State University showed that more than 70% of people reported spending more overall time with their dog as a result of COVID-19, and 42.5% said they were walking their dogs more frequently. Respondents also said that their dogs helped ease depression and anxiety while providing purpose/meaning to their lives during the self-isolation from COVID-19.

People need companionship. Which is why animal shelters across the country reported surges in adoptions this year—often emptying once over-crowded facilities. Breeders also reported a rise in demand and have waitlists deep into 2021. And nearly half the people who fostered dogs early into the pandemic, ended up adopting the dogs themselves.


Companionship. Steadiness. Love.

As any dog-lover will tell you, our dogs want only one thing—to please us. And this year they’ve done more than that. They’ve helped us survive.

Give your dog an extra hug tonight. He deserves it.

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