Say Hello to our New Book!

Gone Dogs - Tales of Dogs We've Loved

Back in 2015, we had an idea to create a crowd-sourced book dedicated to the dogs of our lives. Dogs who are gone, but not forgotten. We completed the book in the fall of 2019, and the result was a stunning anthology featuring 50 stories by people from all over the world. We all but sold out by February, and were feeling pretty good about things.

In preparing to ramp up again, 2020 arrived with all of its, well, 2020. And so our priorities shifted as we hunkered down with our families and did our parts to stay safe and sane. 

Still, we always knew we wanted to publish Gone Dogs as a softcover book since our fans asked for one. And so we pointed to December to complete the project. 

Only, 2020 being what it is, even the most well-intentioned plans this year have been challenging.

But we did it! And we are delighted to now offer Gone Dogs as a paperback. Just in time for the holidays. Whew! 

Gone Dogs - Tales of Dogs We've Loved

The softcover edition, which is available in both full color and black and white, has all the great stories, poems, and photographs as the hardcover book. But the best part is that this edition includes two new stories by renowned blogger Heather B. Armstrong, and celebrated columnist Tommy Tomlinson. And yes, they’re each as heartwarming and beautiful as you’d expect.  

Suffice it to say, Gone Dogs more magical than ever. Plus, because we’re selling and mailing directly, we are able to offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders through December. 

As we wind down on a pretty crazy year, we can look back on its lessons with gratitude. We’re grateful to have made it this far, and grateful that we were able to fulfill an important task with the softcover edition. Thank you for continuing to inspire us to share these amazing stories of love.

If you know someone who loves dogs, this book makes the perfect gift.

We hope you enjoy it.

Jim and Laurie

Gone Dogs - Tales of Dogs We've Loved