Once in a Lifetime

JJ Gone Dogs

I’ve always been told that a dog comes into your life for a reason, and that was so true of my JJ. She came into my life at 14-months old from a breeder who wanted to re-home her and who decided I would be perfect for her.

JJ took over my home within a few weeks along with my other golden retriever Chase.

Over the years JJ had two knee surgeries, so I decided to try K9 nose work with her– which she was really good at. With classes and nose work trials, we became a real team and developed a tight bond. JJ loved everyone she met. And everyone loved her.

Our last nose work trial was shortly before JJ would have turned eleven. We worked hard and earned our NW3 Elite title. I couldn’t have been happier or more proud of my JJ. My birthday was the next day and this was the best gift ever!

I was still riding high from our accomplishment a week later when JJ woke me up early on a Sunday morning coughing and with labored breathing. I rushed her to the emergency vet to learn she had a cardiac hemangiosarcoma–an aggressive cancerous mass attached to her heart that was slowly rupturing and bleeding.

I was devastated and heartbroken that my best friend was going to die from this. Right away.

JJ lived a few more days. My vet helped her into her next journey and as she drifted off,  her head was in my lap as I told her how much I loved her.

Two-and-a-half years later, I’m still heartbroken. And I know that for as much as I’ve loved all my dogs, there was just something special about JJ that I can’t put into words. She was my once-in-a-lifetime dog. I miss her dearly.

– Carol Minot

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