For the Love of a Wigglebutt

Maggie Tinkham, aka Mags the Wiggle butt, of Abilene, TX., peacefully crossed the Rainbow Bridge on June 14, 2019 with her grandmother by her side.

Maggie’s definite origins are a mystery. Her mom found her at a PetSmart’s adoption event in Riverside, CA. She had no intention of adopting a puppy. She was “just going to look.” There she saw two little black and white puppies. One, Mags, was very sweet and quiet with big brown eyes that her mom fell in love and took her home that day…even though she had nothing in her home for a puppy. Later she found out the reason little Mags was so quiet was because she was sick and full of worms… but that’s another story.

Maggie is survived by four loving family members — two human: her mom Michelle and Grandma Sylvia, and two fur-sisters: Kitty and Chloe. She was preceded in death by her Grandpa Ron who hopefully received an epic wiggle butt badonkadonk on her arrival to Heaven.
Maggie was a beautiful, sweet, smart, and gentle girl who always preferred a human friend over fellow fur-babies but tolerated her two feline adopted sisters. She spent many days growing up playing in doggie day care while her mom was at work but always greeted her with a big Aussie grin and wiggle when she picked her up. They spent their free-time together hiking, watching horror movies and playing with Maggie’s beloved platypus.

She was a devoted friend, daughter, and soulmate for just shy of 13 years. She was by her mom’s side, with a sweet quiet presence, on the brightest of days and the darkest of nights; through an uncountable number of breakups, moves, new jobs, lost friends and the death of her mom’s father.

Maggie developed a sudden seizure disorder that was later thought to be an undiagnosed brain lesion. Within two weeks of her first seizure, she lost the ability to walk. While her mom was out of state for a mandatory military training, she developed a seizure that could not be controlled or stopped and was compassionately euthanized. She is missed, EVERY…SINGLE…DAY.

“Wiggle on, my sweet girl. Mama loves you always!”
Maggie “Mags” Tinkham
06/30/2006 – 6/14/2019