She came to us at 18 months of age. At the time, she had not developed into her full essence—inexperience on a leash and fearful of car rides. We were only supposed to have her for a time until the previous owners got their home built. I think I knew then that sending her away was never in the cards and she was home from the time she put one paw on our property.

If she could speak human talk, she would tell you about all the hikes she took, mountains she traversed, and states she had traveled to. As she aged, she appreciated long naps on the couch and the occasional dish of vanilla ice cream. Her human mom drug her and dad to as many creeks and waterfalls as time permitted. Our perpetual sidekick in life—she was our shadow through all of life’s journeys. Days after we closed on a home to move to the beach and start a business there, she passed away suddenly of an apparent heart attack. Right before it happened, she took a long romp around the yard at still break-neck speed for an old girl. I know we will smile again at the memories we had with her, but everything looks a little less vivid with her gone. Our baby girl, Pearl.

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