Milo and Joy are two amazing Poms who I was blessed with when they were about 6 and 8, respectively. Somehow, people had let them go. Milo was turned into the Pinellas County animal shelter right around the time that I started looking for a pup companion. An angel on earth named Judy made me aware of him. I went to see him and took him home that evening. Nine months later that same angel asked me to foster the unnamed Joy. This little 4 lb girl was found in the streets with a bad leg. A compassionate vet performed surgery that helped her. On day two of fostering her, I asked if I could adopt her and did. For 10 1/2 years these babies enhanced my life in ways I could not have imagined. They are my heart, soul and joy. Without them, I am missing a part of me. I weep for them daily. I talk to them daily. I write to them daily. In our home, I am surrounded by their images and things. They are by far the hardest losses I’ve experienced. The blessing is that they are pain free and happy in heaven with Jesus. And I will join them when it is my time. Thank You God.

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