Scooter, My sunshine

gone dogs scooter

I looked into her eyes and asked her “is it time?” Her eyes met mine. I knew. Her eyes spoke with no words.

I walked back to the office and told my husband. He made the call I knew I could not get through.

One week. My best friend of 14 years, who I raised from 6 weeks old, had one week left with me. She was going to be sent home from her favorite place, my lap, with her brother and sister on either side of her, just like they have been since joining our “pack.”

We had a week of “lasts” and each one reminded me of Scooter’s “first:” doggie paws ice cream;blueberry muffins; french fries; dancing in my arms and a car ride. Her and I even did our last walk too, even though it started to sprinkle. I let my old gal relish in every little detail.

She did not need a bucket list, she lived it for 14 years! My Scooter Roo learned how to ride with me on my 4 wheeler and my motocycle; went fishing; camping; visited 3 states and saw the Atantic Ocean. She kissed grand babies and guarded them. She loved going out to McDonald’s for frenchfries, Sonic for her own hot dog and even a local ice cream shop for a cone. She lived! And man did she live it well! She was an awesome momma dog to two rescues and nursed me through a surgery… and licked my tears when my daughter died. She was the keeper of my secrets and stole my heart.

When the time came, she was wrapped in her pink blanket and just lay on my lap, no struggle. Out last cuddle. She was ready to go home. I stroked her soft white fur from head to tail and sung her song we danced to many times :”you are my sunshine…” She was. I fought back tears… I did not want her hanging on for me… she was too sick. When she took her last breath, both of my other dogs bowed their heads as if they knew… and paid homage to this wee dog who was so big in all of our lives.
It was then I cried. It was then my sunshine went away…

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