Early Holiday Shopping and Saving!

As most of you know, Gone Dogs was created by two people—Jim Mitchem and Laurie Smithwick.

Sure, when you hold our book in your hands, it’s a gorgeously printed coffee-table book of love stories about dogs, but designing, developing, printing, shipping, and everything else is just two people who do this as a side hustle. 

One thing we have noticed since we started selling Gone Dogs is that things pick up during the holidays. WAY up. Like, holy moly do a lot of you want this book, up. 

So this year we’re trying something different in an attempt to streamline this process during the busy holiday season. From now through November 2021, we’re offering $5.00 off of our stunning hardcover book and will ship those books in early December.

This offer only applies to our hardcover book, only ordered here, from our website.*

All books ordered through this special offer will ship in early December—plenty of time for holiday gift giving.

We just placed a big order for our hardcover book, which is being printed as you read this. As such, we will only have a limited supply. And for the past two years we sold out by mid-December.

So be sure to buy a copy for all of your dog loving friends and family and give them the greatest book about dogs book ever published—now $5.00 off.


Don’t worry — we will continue to sell softcover copies of Gone Dogs (both full color and black and white) while those supplies last during the holidays.

And as always, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We appreciate you being part of our community built around our mutual love of dogs.

*Offer does not apply to orders placed through Amazon. 

Gone Dogs - It's About Love